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Upcoming: GenCon and Dragon*Con 2012

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GenCon is this weekend in Indianapolis, which is where I reside, so naturally I had to make plans to attend. I’ll be there on Saturday, though I’m not sure which costume I’ll be wearing… I’ll let that be a surprise.

For Labor Day weekend, I’ll be in Atlanta for Dragon*Con! It’s my second time at D*C and I absolutely cannot wait. If I could only pick one convention to attend for the rest of my life, it would have to be this one. I’ll be debuting three new costumes. The first is Sally Impossible from The Venture Bros., which I will be wearing in the parade and also for the Venture Bros. Blog panel and Venture Party, all of which are on Saturday. I’m also wearing Rachel Alves on Sunday to the big Marvel shoot, which is a new character that was introduced in The Punisher by Greg Rucka. My husband Ben will be cosplaying with me as The Punisher — a rare treat for me! I have progress pictures of these costumes on my Facebook page. Finally, I’ll be wearing my zero suit Samus cosplay which is based on the Max Factory Other: M statue. All pieces of this costume were commissioned through 3 very talented folks:

1. :iconhollymessinger:(the suit)

2. :icontorsoboyprops:(the pistol and holster)

3. Dizzy Lizzy (the wig).

I have to thank all of them for helping make one of my cosplay dreams come true! I’ve featured some photos of the costume pieces below; the detail on the suit and the Paralyzer really amazes me! The pistol even has an LED that lights up when you pull the trigger.

Are any of you attending GenCon or D*C? Plan on cosplaying? Want to meet up? Let me know!



Working with Aniplex and American Cosplay Paradise at Anime Central 2012

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During Anime Central 2012, I was able to help promote the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica through a partnership with American Cosplay Paradise and Aniplex.

I wore my Homura cosplay and escorted Homura’s English voice actor, Christina Vee, on stage for the official panel. There were other cosplayers helping out, which included Mami, Madoka, and Sayaka cosplayers! We then got to help out with the voice actor autograph panel. Afterward, I was able to get my new Kyubey plush signed by the voice actors! Following the autograph panel, we also got to chat on the Crunchyroll live stream and support the voice actors while they were interviewed for the Crunchyroll live stream. It was such a great experience and I’d love to help with a promotion again in the future!

Commissioned: Samus Aran Emergency Pistol

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Samus is one of my absolute favorite female video game characters and once I saw the new Max Factory figure I knew it was to time to put together one of my dream cosplays. I also knew that if I wanted this costume to look nothing short of amazing, then I had to find some awesome people to help me do it.

One of those people is David from 2StoryProps. He is making her Emergency Pistol and thigh holster for me, and so far he’s doing a fantastic job! Here is a photo from his Flickr page that shows some of his progress so far. He surprised me by adding a LED light that works when you pull the trigger — how awesome is THAT?! I can’t wait to see the finished product. To keep an eye on his progress on this project, check out his Flickr album.

© 2StoryProps

Anime Crossroads 2011

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I attended the fourth annual Anime Crossroads in Indianapolis, which was held on December 16-18. I debuted my Transformation Panty costume and entered it in the masquerade. For me, this was definitely a con to remember. I was really impressed by the talent that was featured during the costume contest. Most entrants were considered novices, including myself, but many still exhibited excellent craftsmanship even for beginners. My costume received runner-up in the novice division! I was beaten by a very well put together Dead Master cosplayer, whom I stood next to and chatted with in line. She was a very sweet person and I am happy she won!