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Indiana Comic Con 2014 Guest

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I am excited to be judging the costume contest at Indiana Comic Con at the Indianapolis Convention Center on Saturday March 15! Some other fun things are in the works for this con, so I hope to see you there!

Aside from judging the costume contest, A Girl From Mars and I will also be running two cosplay panels! Our first panel, Cosplay 101, is on Saturday March 15th at 11 AM in room 122. Our second panel, aptly titled Cosplay 102, is on Sunday March 16th at 1 PM in room 108. We’ll touch on the basics of cosplaying in our first panel, and then move on to more advanced techniques and tips in the second. Hope to see you all at the convention next weekend! 

Upcoming: GenCon and Dragon*Con 2012

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GenCon is this weekend in Indianapolis, which is where I reside, so naturally I had to make plans to attend. I’ll be there on Saturday, though I’m not sure which costume I’ll be wearing… I’ll let that be a surprise.

For Labor Day weekend, I’ll be in Atlanta for Dragon*Con! It’s my second time at D*C and I absolutely cannot wait. If I could only pick one convention to attend for the rest of my life, it would have to be this one. I’ll be debuting three new costumes. The first is Sally Impossible from The Venture Bros., which I will be wearing in the parade and also for the Venture Bros. Blog panel and Venture Party, all of which are on Saturday. I’m also wearing Rachel Alves on Sunday to the big Marvel shoot, which is a new character that was introduced in The Punisher by Greg Rucka. My husband Ben will be cosplaying with me as The Punisher — a rare treat for me! I have progress pictures of these costumes on my Facebook page. Finally, I’ll be wearing my zero suit Samus cosplay which is based on the Max Factory Other: M statue. All pieces of this costume were commissioned through 3 very talented folks:

1. :iconhollymessinger:(the suit)

2. :icontorsoboyprops:(the pistol and holster)

3. Dizzy Lizzy (the wig).

I have to thank all of them for helping make one of my cosplay dreams come true! I’ve featured some photos of the costume pieces below; the detail on the suit and the Paralyzer really amazes me! The pistol even has an LED that lights up when you pull the trigger.

Are any of you attending GenCon or D*C? Plan on cosplaying? Want to meet up? Let me know!