Bot Commands

Who are LadySpeartooth, LordSpeartooth, & DukeGiffin?

LadySpeartooth is a custom bot powered by DeepBot for my Twitch stream. She helps me moderate chat and to provide info quickly to you guys. She also runs my loyalty point/currency system (Shark Teeth) for viewers and has a number of fun commands that can be typed in chat. LordSpeartooth is another custom bot powered by Ankhbot that maintains our quote database and custom sound greetings for certain Twitch subscribers. DukeGiffin is a custom bot powered by GifBot to run gif commands on stream, as you might expect.

What are the chat commands?

Below you will find a list of chat commands. These commands can be used in the stream chat. Certain commands can be used in the Discord channel, such as checking Shark Teeth. Built-in Mini-Games will not respond back in Discord. Some commands may require viewers to spend Shark Teeth, may only be available at certain times, or have a per user or per stream cooldown on usage. If you have any additional questions feel free to ask in stream!

Chat Commands

  • !commands or !info links to this page in chat.
  • !time gives the current time in my local time zone.
  • !uptime displays how long the stream has been live.
  • !sub displays the link to subscriber perks.
  • !tip displays the link to give me a tip.
  • !social displays links to my social media.
  • !discord displays the link to the Discord server.
  • !calendar displays the link to the Google calendar for the stream.
  • !nextcon displays how much time until my next convention.
  • !tweet displays a link to tweet about the stream!
  • !crafting displays information about what I'm currently crafting if I'm streaming costume work on Creative.
  • !playing displays information about what game I'm currently playing.
  • !deathcount displays the number of times I've died in the current game.
  • !raid is to be typed when the channel is raided by another streamer to help defend the stream!
  • !charity displays information about a charity stream.
  • !teeth counts your current number of Shark Teeth and lists your current level.
  • !top5 lists the Shark Teeth Top 5 leaderboard. Can only be used once every 10 minutes by anyone.
  • !levelup tells you how many Shark Teeth you still need before leveling up. Can only be used once every 10 minutes by an individual user.
  • !redeem displays information about using your Shark Teeth to redeem rewards and a link to what's available.
  • !redeem# to spend your Shark Teeth on the redeemable corresponding to the number.
  • !quote add ‹text› will add a quote from a user to the quote bank. Use it to add something memorable that was said in chat by someone or by me in stream! Remember to add who said it. (e.g.‚ !quote add “I hate hand-sewing!!!” - Shark Baroness)
  • !quote will say a random quote in chat.
  • !tractor is a command added by VampricYoda
  • !wakeupgoofy is a command added by noezel7
  • !motivational is a command added by tripletank
  • !games will give a list of the different game commands.
  • !dive ‹amount› initiates the Diving mini-game and once the game has started allows you to join (e.g.‚ !dive 15). The amount is the number of Shark Teeth you want to invest. A max amount of 50 Shark Teeth can be invested in the game. This can only be played once every 15 minutes. A single viewer can play but the more that participate the better!
  • !roulette ‹amount› ‹option› allows you to place a bet for Roulette (e.g.‚ !roulette 150 green). A max amount of 100 Shark teeth can be invested in the game. The options for Roulette are: red‚ black‚ green‚ odd‚ even. There is a two-minute countdown prior to winners being announced.
  • !defuse ‹option› initiates the Bomb Defusion mini-game in which you choose a wire to cute (e.g.‚ !defuse yellow). The options for Bomb Defusion are: red‚ white‚ or yellow. If you are successful you'll be awarded Shark Teeth. If you fail you'll lose Shark Teeth.
  • !slots initiates the Slot Machine mini-game which generates 3 Twitch emotes. You are awarded Shark Teeth based on how many are matching. If you do not win some of your Shark Teeth are added to the winning pool.
  • !requestsong ‹YouTubeID› will request songs to be added to the stream playlist based on the YouTube ID (e.g.‚ !requestsong JfvBbI8qyEQ). Viewers may have up to 2 songs in the song list at any time. Royal Sharks may have up to 3 songs in the list Angel Sharks 5 songs and Supreme Sharks 10 songs. Mods may have up to 4 songs in the list. Songs must be deemed appropriate and no longer than 8 minutes.
  • !requestsong without a YouTubeID shows the current cost setup to request songs for different user levels. Viewer requests cost 10 Shark Teeth. Royal Shark requests cost 5 Shark Teeth
  • Angel Shark requests 3 Shark Teeth
  • and Supreme Shark requests 1 Shark Tooth. Mod requests cost 4 Shark Teeth.
  • !song will indicate the current song and who it was requested by.
  • !songlist will display a link that shows the full list of songs being played.
  • !prevsong will show the last song played.
  • !nextsong will show the next song to be played.
  • !skipsong will start a vote to skip the current song. There is no refund for skipped songs.
  • !skipsong 200 will pay the veto cost of 200 Shark Teeth to skip the song yourself. There is no refund for veto’d songs.
  • These SFX can be used by everyone but cost 5 Shark Teeth. Each one is usable by each user once every 5 minutes.
  • !gao - Gao Gao!
  • !drum - Ba Dum Tss
  • !stare - Dramatic Kill Bill Look
  • !worc - Work Work
  • !mwys - Mmm whatcha sayyy
  • !goofyell - Goofy Yells
  • !kara - Karamatsu's Song
  • !hustle - Hustle Hustle Muscle Muscle!
  • These SFX are only able to be used by Twitch Tier 2 subscribers. They do not cost any Shark Teeth to use and can be used every 2 minutes.
  • !karagirls - Karamatsu Girls
  • !gooftroop - WE'RE THE GOOF TROOP
  • !bro - Heyyyy buraza~
  • !sweets - S-s-s-sweetsu
  • !shock - Kuma Shock!
  • !how - How could this happen to meeee?
  • !klk - Don't Lose Your Wayyyyy
  • !sb will give a list of the commands you can get me to do in exchange for 10 Shark Teeth.
  • !hydrate will request that I take a drink of water or whatever else I'm drinking during the stream.
  • !pushups will request that I do 10 pushups.
  • !situps will request that I do 10 situps.
  • !squats will request that I do 10 squats.
  • !emoteon costs 100 Shark Teeth and enables emote only chat for 2 minutes.
  • !jukebox costs 200 Shark Teeth and can be used to request that song requests be enabled.
  • !generous costs 500 Shark Teeth and can be used to request a Perler giveaway!
  • !tractorrideusername› will give that user a tractor ride. If no user is targeted it will give everyone a tractor ride. This is a custom command redeemed by VampricYoda.
  • !permitusername› will allow someone to post a link for two minutes.
  • !addteethusername› awards 10 Shark Teeth to a user. Adding a different number after the username awards more points (e.g.‚ !addteeth ‹username› 100).
  • !makeitrain ‹amount› will make it rain Shark Teeth upon all viewers! (e.g.‚ !makeitrain 100)
  • !follow ‹username› gives a shout-out to a Twitch streamer and a link to their stream.
  • !raider ‹username› gives a shout-out and awards Shark Teeth to a Twitch streamer who has raided our stream.
  • !adddeath adds to the death count total. There is a 10 second cooldown to avoid duplicate counts.