Shark Teeth

Who are LadySpeartooth & LordSpeartooth?

LadySpeartooth is a custom bot powered by DeepBot for my Twitch stream. She helps me moderate chat and to provide info quickly to you guys. She also runs my loyalty point/currency system (Shark Teeth) for viewers and has a number of fun commands that can be typed in chat. LordSpeartooth is another custom bot powered by Ankhbot that maintains our quote database and custom sound greetings for certain GameWisp subscribers.

What are the commands for LadySpeartooth & LordSpeartooth?

All of the available bot commands are listed on this page.

What are Shark Teeth?

If you are logged in as a Twitch user watching my stream, you automatically earn loyalty points/currency called Shark Teeth! Shark Teeth can be used as currency to use special commands in chat during the stream or to redeem rewards! Also, the number of Shark Teeth you have corresponds to your level in the stream! Each level has its own title.

Shark Teeth are subject to change without notice. It is my right to change how and when Shark Teeth are accrued, what they can be spent on, the level system, and to add/remove Shark Teeth for any viewer at any time. 

What else can I do with Shark Teeth?

Aside from the bot commands, you can also redeem your Shark Teeth for various perks listed here. Some perks are similar to what is available to GameWisp subscribers, except you EARN these rewards with your time, rather than paying for them through a subscription. Your time spent in my channel is just as huge of a support to the stream as subscribers, so this is another way for me to give back to you for making the stream awesome. And if you’re a subscriber, you get lots of Shark Teeth to spend and earn rewards faster!

What are the levels?

  1. Sleeper Shark – Users who have earned 100 Shark Teeth.
  2. Sandbar Shark – Users who have earned 300 Shark Teeth.
  3. Mackerel Shark – Users who have earned 500 Shark Teeth.
  4. Tiger Shark – Users who have earned 1000 Shark Teeth.
  5. Hammerhead Shark – Users who have earned 2000 Shark Teeth.
  6. Mako Shark – Users who have earned 4000 Shark Teeth.
  7. Great White Shark – User who have earned 8000 Shark Teeth.
  8. Whale Shark – Users who have earned 11000 Shark Teeth.
  9. ??? (There are now 42 user levels possible for viewers to achieve and reveal!)

What are these other levels?

  • Royal Shark – A tier 1 GameWisp subscriber.
  • Angel Shark – A tier 2 GameWisp subscriber.
  • Supreme Shark – A tier 3 GameWisp subscriber.

How can I earn Shark Teeth?

  • By watching the stream/hosted streams or hanging out in chat while the stream is offline.
    • Earn 1 Shark Tooth every 5 minutes while the stream is online and 1 Shark Tooth every 15 minutes while the stream is offline or while watching a hosted stream.
      • Royal Sharks earn 1.3x Shark Teeth.
      • Angel Sharks earn 1.6x Shark Teeth.
      • Supreme Sharks earn 2.0x Shark Teeth.
      • Mods earn 1.5x Shark Teeth.
  • By following my channel.
    • Earn a bonus 25 Shark Teeth for following the stream.
  • By giving me a tip.
    • Earn 100 Shark Teeth per dollar tipped.
  • By hosting my stream.
    • If you host my stream on your Twitch channel, then you’ll earn 50 Shark Teeth.
  • By raiding my stream with your viewers.
    • Other streamers who raid my channel will receive 50 Shark Teeth.
  • By subscribing/resubbing to me on GameWisp.
    • GameWisp subscribers earn bonus Shark Teeth for subscribing/resubbing and a monthly allowance of Shark Teeth. The amount of Shark Teeth varies by subscriber tier.
  • By playing chat mini-games.
    • There are 4 available mini-games that can payout Shark Teeth (but some may require Shark Teeth to participate or have the potential to lose some Shark Teeth!)
  • Myself and moderators can award bonus Shark Teeth to viewers as we see fit. (Chances are increased if you make a good pun or joke or provide some helpful info to the chat!)