Twitch Stream


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Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 8 PM – 11 PM EST
Often streaming on other days as well. Follow me on Twitch and Twitter (@sharkbaroness) if you’d like to be notified when I start streaming.

You can usually catch me working on costumes, which can involve sewing, wig styling, prop making, armor making, etc. I love to do it all! I also enjoying playing video games.

LadySpeartooth is the channel bot. She helps me moderate chat, but also automatically awards stream point known as Shark Teeth to viewers. Earning Shark Teeth allows you to rank up and earn special chat privileges and commands. For more info about the Shark Teeth system and commands, see this page.

Giveaway at 1K Followers!
I’ll be hosting a giveaway stream at some point once I reach 1000 followers. Giveaway items will include gift certificates to Arda Wigs, CosplaySupplies, and Steam, as well as other smaller items like extra casted items from costumes I’ve worked on. Everyone will be allowed to participate, but Shark Teeth will be used to enter. No purchase is necessary and you must be 18+ and a US resident to participate and win. Giveaways on this channel are not affiliated with